Hey! My name is Adam!
Looking for an editor or a camera operator?

As a filmmaker, I was always my own editor, therefore I have a good understanding of many various types of videos. When I worked in TV, I put together interviews, documentaries, tv shows and news segments. I also worked with professional wedding videographers editing trailers and full videos. Right now I’m working fulltime as a video editor for an Las Vegas based company editing fitness and modelling videos.

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I’ve been standing behind a camera for more than three years. Starting at school, filming various events which I then evolved as a freelancer creating many advertisements, music videos, event recaps and documentaries. I also worked at a polish TV station “Telewizja TVT” as a camera operator and video editor shooting news segments, interviews, TV shows and sport. These days I work with Sofar Sounds Wrocław team filming live-performance music video as well as creating various videos for individual clients.

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